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5 September 2023

Interior month is Air So Pure month

Living better with healthy greenery

Houseplants are natural mood creators and some have something extra. Air So Pure's air-purifying plants make a positive contribution to any living space. You experience that physically and mentally. Living, working, sleeping, and relaxing ... it all goes better with healthy greenery. The more plants, the greater the effect. Air-purifying houseplants are most effective from October through March. Most people then keep windows and doors closed as much as possible, resulting in significantly less ventilation. This is why October is also known as Air So Pure Month.

Better living

Especially when the house is not properly ventilated, there is an unhealthy indoor climate. Air pollutants come, for example, from electrical appliances, carpeting, furniture, and curtains. Air So Pure's air-purifying plants then offer a solution because they can remove these harmful gases and return oxygen. You will find that flu-like symptoms such as coughs, dry eyes, colds, and headaches will then diminish. The more plants, the greater the effect.

Work better

Are you working a lot behind the laptop or doing your homework? Research has shown that the presence of air-purifying plants improves concentration and increases productivity. The effect is greatest when you have a direct view of the plants. Put our air-purifying greens, for example, right next to your monitor.

Sleep better

For a good night's sleep, in addition to a good mattress, for example, good air quality is also important. Air-purifying plants filter harmful gases and return oxygen. And the more oxygen, the better and deeper you sleep. You can wake up in peace and pleasant, green surroundings.

Better relaxation

In Japan, they call it "shinrin-yoku," and it means "bathing in the forest. The idea behind it is that you slow down and consciously open your senses by immersing yourself in a plant-rich environment. The result is a calm and good feeling. Scientific studies also support this idea. So create a green corner with our air-purifying plants, for example around the bathtub or your easy chair.

Plenty of choice

Air-purifying plants can be recognized by the Air So Pure label and healthy plants can be found for every interior style. Among others, you can enjoy ferns (such as Nephrolepis and Phlebodium, spoon plant (Spathiphyllum), grass lily (Chlorophytum), gap plant (Monstera), palms (Areca and , Kentia) , peacock plant (Calathea), ivy (Hedera), dragon tree (Dracaena), tobacco plant (Ficus Lyrata) and Strelitzia.


Our air-purifying plants are hardy and require no green thumb. There are simple instructions on the Air So Pure label. Pay particular attention to the right location: plenty of daylight but not full sun. For the rest, it's a matter of regular watering. If you add a little plant food to the water once a month, the plants remain extra strong.

Air-purifying plants can be purchased at garden centers, among other places. See participating garden centers in your area here .

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