Kentia Palm

26 July 2023

Air Purifying Plant of the Month - August

A tropical paradise with the Kentia Palm!

Welcome to August's tropical paradise, where we shine the spotlight on a true queen among air-purifying houseplants: the Kentia Palm! Close your eyes and imagine... The sun caresses your skin, a gentle breeze blows through your hair as you are surrounded by lush, green leaves. This is the magic of the Kentia, which is why this palm takes center stage in August as our Plant of the Month.

Exotic Elegance

The Kentia Palm, scientifically known as Howea Forsteriana, is one of the most magical houseplants you can bring into your home. Its long, feathery leaves raise elegantly, creating a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere in any room. The Kentia is also nicknamed the "Hollywood Palm" because of its appearance in countless movies and TV shows set in exotic locations.

The plant originates from the enchanting Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean. In the 19th century, the first seeds were sent to England. Soon it became a beloved decorative plant in chic European and American homes. Thanks to her adaptability and elegance, the Kentia Palm's popularity grew. Since then, she has been a favorite in countless interiors around the world.

The Kentia Palm is known for its air-purifying properties. Like other plants in our assortment, it purifies the air and increases the quality of your living environment. So this air-purifying greenery is not only beautiful but also healthy!

The magic of the Kentia

The Kentia Palm is very easy to care for. With a little love and attention, she can give you many years of pleasure.

Place the Kentia Palm in a spot with indirect light. She likes brightness, but make sure to avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn. Water moderately, but make sure the soil is not too soggy. Give plants taller than 1 meter about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per week, and plants shorter than 1 meter about 1 to 1.5 liters of water per week. The Kentia appreciates a little extra attention to humidity. Therefore, spray some water over the leaves occasionally to pamper her.

Our member Blom Kentia Palms grows the Kentia with care and expertise. From the moment of cultivation to packaging, they treat each plant with love so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful Kentia. The Kentia is available in different heights and pot sizes so you will always find the perfect match for your interior.

Join the Green Revolution

At Air So Pure we believe in the power of green. Promoting our well-being. Greening the environment. Experience the enchantment of the Kentia Palm and add this gem to your collection of air-purifying houseplants.

Discover Air So Pure's air-purifying houseplants and make your living environment greener and healthier. Join the green revolution and experience the power of air-purifying plants.

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