30 June 2023

Air Purifying Plant of the Month - July

Discover the Dracaena: your summer green good luck charm!

A green, healthy living environment. It is possible with air-purifying plants. At Air So Pure we inspire you to make your living environment greener and healthier. That is why, in July, the Dracaena is in the spotlight as our 'plant of the month'. Whether you are an experienced plant lover or just starting your green adventure, the Dracaena is perfect for creating a refreshing summer oasis in your home.

A plant with a history and variety

With its striking leaves and air-purifying properties, the Dracaena is a must-have for any green lover. This sturdy plant filters pollutants from the air, improving air quality in the home. In addition, the Dracaena helps reduce stress and promotes healthy sleep. Therefore, waking up relaxed and rested has never been easier!

Native to tropical regions in Africa, Asia, and Central America, the Dracaena feels at home in warm and humid climates. It is a plant with a rich history, some varieties of which have been cultivated for centuries. Due to its popularity and adaptability, several beautiful Dracaena varieties are now available to suit any interior style.

At Air So Pure, we offer a wide range of Dracaena varieties. Whether you love the playful leaves of the Dracaena 'Bicolor', the elegance of the Dracaena 'Marginata', or the stylish Dracaena 'Janet Lind', there is something for everyone. So these variations all add a unique touch to your interior and contribute to a healthier living environment.

The power of the Dracaena

What makes this plant extra special is its adaptability. The Dracaena does well in different light conditions. In addition, it is very easy to maintain, so even without green fingers, you can enjoy the benefits of this green fortune-teller. Water it regularly, but avoid leaving the roots in too humid an environment. Place the plant in a position with indirect sunlight for optimal growth. Occasional plant food will keep the Dracaena healthy and happy.

Did you know that the Dracaena's nickname, "Dragon Blood Tree," derives from ancient folklore tales? For example, the Dracaena Marginata used to be associated with old legends claiming that the resin of the tree is the blood of dragons.

Our member Forever Plants Group grows the Dracaena in several varieties and pot sizes and treats and packages your air-purifying greenery with care and love.

Join the Green Revolution

With Air So Pure, a greener world begins in your home. So add air-purifying plants like the Dracaena to your home for a healthy and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty of the Dracaena and experience the positive effects on your well-being.

Discover our air-purifying houseplants and start a green revolution in your living environment. Whether you are looking for an eye-catcher for your living room, a soothing plant for your bedroom, or a refreshing addition to your office, at Air So Pure we have the perfect green companion for you. Transform your space into an oasis of freshness and well-being. Join Air So Pure's green revolution and experience the power of air-purifying plants. Your summer oasis awaits!

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