JK Plant

JK Plant started in 2010 as a small seed. This seed was in the form of an 11,000 m2 garden on which various seasonal products were grown. After one year, it was time for expansion and JK Plant moved to a (3x) larger location of no less than 35,000 m2. At this location, beautiful Amaryllises, Peperomia, Araucaria, Fatsia and various bedding plants were grown.

In 2014, JK Plant started a new project; the purchase of the current location in Honselersdijk. This location has been completely renovated resulting in a magnificent 21,000 m2 greenhouse. Here we passionately grow our range of high-quality, exclusive indoor and garden plants such as the AraucariaDahlia, FatsiaSpathiphyllum and Petunia.

Contact details:

Plaats 14
2675 CK Honselersdijk

+31 (0) 62424 4900


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