Our brandstory

Water, earth and air. The main ingredients for life on earth. Our life. A life full of pleasure. Meaning. Growth and attention. A world increasingly aware of the power of nature and the importance of a healthy living environment. A world where people increasingly want to be in harmony with the elements of the earth. It gives us inner peaceenergy and balance. It provides relaxationfocus and connection. That is why Air So Pure is committed to a revolution. A green revolution that contributes to the well-being of us all. At school, at home, in the office and in public spaces. The Air So Pure collection is selected for the special air-purifying properties that make the difference between an ordinary plant and plants that contribute to a healthy living-, working- and relaxing environment. Grown with love, attention and care, exactly as we should embrace the world. We receive it back doubly. Discover Air So Pure's air-purifying greens and create...

..a world of wellbeing


Our worlds


Pleasant living with our popular air-purifying houseplants, which provide more oxygen, better humidity and atmospheric decoration.


An attractive workplace with better air quality, where our plants contribute to a more positive state of mind and boost creativity.  


Our special plants remove 'foul smells' and effectively convert Co2 into oxygen, they absorb noise and contribute to better learning.


Relax and become happier with our air-purifying plants around you. They enhance your everyday quality of life, help you relax and recover mentally.