Werken luchtzuiverende planten echt?

Green houseplants are natural mood creators and are becoming increasingly important in our lives. A world increasingly aware of the power of nature and the importance of a healthy living environment. Air-purifying plants add to this: they have many positive effects on mental and physical health! The more plants, the greater the effect. But what is the minimum number of plants you need to achieve the greatest effect? In this blog, we give the four main reasons why you should have at least 5 air-purifying plants in your home.

1.   Air-purifying plants filter the air

Air So Pure's air-purifying plants are natural air filters. They absorb pollutants from the air, convert them, and release fresh oxygen. Good air quality is very important, especially at a time when we are increasingly indoors. Harmful substances in the air can lead to respiratory problems, skin irritations, and other health problems. Air-purifying plants remove these substances from the air and increase humidity in the room. This can help reduce dry skin, dry eyes, and other complaints.

Ventilation remains important, of course, but if you have air-purifying plants in your space, you are certainly contributing to a healthier living environment.

Air So Pure Spathiphyllum, Plant van de Maand december, in sierpot. Onderdeel van de collectie luchtzuiverende planten

2.   Air-purifying plants increase productivity

Studies show that air-purifying plants can contribute to improved concentration. Air So Pure plants improve the air quality so you can better focus on what is important. Air-purifying plants also absorb sound, increasing your concentration. Whether you work, study, or enjoy your free time, air-purifying plants help increase creativity and concentration. The effect is greatest when you have a direct view of the plants. For example, place 2 air-purifying plants next to your monitor. Looks cozy, too!

3.   Air-purifying plants reduce stress levels

Air So Pure's air-purifying plants bring nature into your home. These plants contribute to a sense of well-being that makes you feel more comfortable and lowers your stress levels. They also provide a beautiful, green backdrop to your space. Living, working, learning, and relaxing, all go better with a green oasis of green plants.

Hoeveel luchtzuiverende planten zijn nodig per m2?
Exactly how many plants you need depends on several factors. The more air-purifying plants, the better. Also, the stronger the air-purifying effect, the better.

Een vuistregel kan zijn: 350 gram bladmassa per persoon van een goede luchtzuiverende plantensoort. Wanneer je een ruimte hebt van 30m2, komt dit neer op 4 tot 6 planten met een potdiameter van 13cm, of 2-3 planten met een potdiameter van 17cm. Met 5 luchtzuiverende planten in jouw woonkamer zit je dus veilig, en creëer je een groene omgeving. Natuurlijk zijn alleen planten niet genoeg om de luchtkwaliteit optimaal te houden, dus zorg ervoor dat je ook genoeg blijft ventileren.

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4.   Air-purifying plants look cozy and beautiful in your home

Besides the many health reasons, there is of course one reason we haven't mentioned yet: air-purifying plants look beautiful and cozy in your home! Thanks to Air So Pure's varied assortment, there is a suitable plant for every interior. Whether you want to recreate the jungle in your home or prefer to place or hang some ornamental plants, there is plenty of choice. And let's face it: a house without houseplants is like an office without desks... 😉

Our plants are grown with love, attention, and care, just as we should embrace the world. We are convinced that our plants will make a positive contribution to your living environment. With a little love and attention from you, your air-purifying plants will continue to provide you with clean air and well-being for years to come. Remember to add new plants from time to time to maintain air quality and continue to enrich your home with the benefits of greenery.

Discover Air So Pure's air-purifying greens and create ... a world of wellbeing.