Monstera Deliciosa

gap plant

An exceptionally striking leaf plant with great adaptability. With a strong air-purifying effect, one of the most ideal houseplants.

The nickname Hole Plant comes from the curious shape of its dark green leaves. The more light, the faster this plant grows. Avoid direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves will burn.

An easy houseplant that also grows in semi-shade. A light, moist position at 18 to 25°C is ideal. Water generously in summer, with lukewarm water. Water less in winter.

Semi-shade grows. A light, moist location at 18 to 25°C is ideal
Water liberally in summer, with hand-warm water. Water less in winter.
Pot sizes: 14 cm, 17 cm, 21 cm, 24 cm, 27 cm, 35 cm



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JK Plant
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