Asplenium Crispy Wave

22 February 2024

Air Purifying Plant of the Month March

The refreshing breath of March: Asplenium

In the world of more sustainable living, the popularity of air-purifying houseplants is on the rise. That's why Air So Pure is betting on a green revolution with air-purifying plants. These green houseplants not only look cozy in our living spaces, but they also serve as a natural air filter, making our indoor air fresher and healthier. For March, the spotlight is on the Asplenium, a robust air-purifying houseplant.


The Asplenium, also known as the Nest Fern or Sole Fern, is a genus of ferns that includes more than 700 different species. These versatile plants are found in different parts of the world, ranging from tropical rainforests to temperate climates. Remarkably, this plant does not grow on the ground, but in trees and on top of rocks.

Within the air-purifying Air So Pure range you will find the Asplenium at two of our members: Raadschelders Varens and VDE Plant. They grow the Asplenium in 7 different species and 3 different pot sizes. You will find among our air-purifying houseplants the Asplenium Parvati, Asplenium Osaka but also the Asplenium Crispy Wave and the Asplenium Antiquum. What makes this fern so special is the combination of its subtle yet sophisticated appearance.

A green masterpiece

Asplenium is known for its ability to remove pollutants from the air, significantly improving the air quality in our homes. The plant does this by absorbing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene and converting them into nutrients. This not only results in cleaner air but also helps create a healthier living environment.

In addition, Asplenium's leaves are striking and unique, with a beautiful sheen and attractive leaf texture. So this air-purifying houseplant adds something special to any space. Whether you have a minimalist interior or want to create a lush green oasis, this air-purifying plant adapts easily and adds a refreshing element to your decor.

Aside from its appearance, the Asplenium also has some health benefits. Studies show that having air-purifying houseplants in your environment, such as the Asplenium, can reduce stress and increase concentration and productivity. You may also experience reduced health complaints such as headaches and coughs.

Air So Pure Asplenium in ornamental pot, air-purifying plant
Asplenium, air-purifying Plant of the Month March

Caring for the Asplenium

The Asplenium is a pretty robust houseplant and is easy to care for. To enjoy your Nest Fern for extra long, here are some tips:

  • Light: The Asplenium thrives best in indirect light. Place the plant in a location where it gets enough light, but avoid direct sunlight, which can damage the leaves.
  • Water: Give a splash of water once or twice a week, but avoid leaving the roots in water. Also, always water through the side of the pot to avoid a bare heart.
  • Temperature: The Asplenium likes moderate temperatures. Try to avoid extreme heat or cold.
  • Repotting: Repotting does not need to be done often, the Asplenium is not a fast grower.

Is the Asplenium or Nest Fern poisonous?

The Asplenium (Nest Fern) is generally considered non-toxic to both humans and pets. So you can put this fern in your home with confidence! Of course, it is still not recommended to eat the plant.

Heart of the Asplenium
Heart of the Asplenium

Air Purifying Plant of the Month March

Why has the Asplenium been named the Air Purifying Plant of the Month in March? Its ability to absorb pollutants and convert them into fresh oxygen, combined with its ease of care, makes this plant a must-have for anyone striving for a healthier and greener living environment.

In addition to its excellence as an air purifier, the Asplenium also has a symbolic meaning that fits well with this time of year. March marks the beginning of spring, a period of renewal and a fresh start. The Asplenium, with its vibrant green leaves, reminds us that there is always opportunity for growth and new beginnings. So, welcome the Nest Fern into your home and let the fresh air of March flow in.

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