Raadschelders Varens

Raadschelders Varens specialises in growing various species of ferns.

The company is located in central Netherlands, De Kwakel. Cultivation is divided between two branches, the head office in De Kwakel, Uithoorn and the second location in Zevenhoven.

The total area of the two companies covers more than 55,000 m2.

For a wide, broad and deep range of the finest indoor ferns, Raadschelders ferns is the place to be!

Contact details:

Achterweg 34
1424 PR De Kwakel


Air So Pure assortiment van Raadschelders Varens

Dryopteris erythrosora

Autumn fern

Didymochlaena Truncatula 

Mantle fern

Blechnum Silver Lady

Dwarf tree fern


Curly fern


Blue fern


Nest fern or sole fern