Air So Pure in Groenrijk Prinsenbeek tijdens opnames van De Grote Tuinverbouwing

4 October 2023

Discover Air So Pure in De Grote Tuinverbouwing

The benefits of air-purifying plants

Air-purifying plants, how exactly does that work? And what exactly are the benefits of these healthy houseplants? In episode 5 of De Grote Tuinverbouwing (season 2023/2024), Ivo Putman talks to the brand manager of Air So Pure.

Houseplants are essential for any indoor space. So Ronald, brand manager of Air So Pure, explains that air-purifying plants are not only beautiful and healthy for the home, but also in the office, classrooms, and other public spaces. Several studies show that the presence of air-purifying houseplants improves air quality and your mental state.

Air So Pure has been committed to a green revolution since 2007. Together to make the world a little greener. With 16 different product groups and 180 unique plants, there is always a plant to suit your interior. View participating garden centers here .

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De Grote Tuinverbouwing

De Grote Tuinverbouwing is a popular television program that inspires and informs viewers about green, living/interior, and BBQ. Green expert Ivo Putman shares the information in an enthusiastic way that is easy to understand.

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