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2 January 2023

Air So Pure launches new brand identity

New corporate identity

Air So Pure, the growers' association of growers with air-purifying plants, recently underwent a major transformation. At the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair 2022 in Aalsmeer, the new corporate identity was proudly unveiled. Air So Pure invited customers and business associates to toast together to a healthy future.

Afgelopen september vierde Air So Pure haar 15-jarig jubileum, een mijlpaal die de perfecte gelegenheid bood om het merk te verrijken met een eigentijdse uitstraling en meer diepgang. Met deze vernieuwing wil de telersvereniging de voordelen van luchtzuiverende planten nog sterker onder de aandacht brengen. Daarnaast helpt het merk mee om een professionele presentatie neer te zetten bij tuincentra en andere verkooppunten. Dit doen ze door middel van beschikbaar POS-materiaal. Het resultaat van deze inspanningen werd op 9, 10 en 11 november gepresenteerd tijdens de Trade Fair in Aalsmeer.

At the heart of the event, Air So Pure's central stand showed off its products, surrounded by the company stands of member growers. Visitors had the chance to meet the proud members. They could also explore the various air-purifying greens that fall under Air So Pure's 16 product groups .

Strong message

Air So Pure's new corporate identity captures the essence of freshness. With a contemporary design and a strong visual identity, the brand aims to convey a powerful message, namely the importance of healthy and clean air. A world of well-being.The corporate identity transformation reflects Air So Pure's ongoing commitment to promoting air-purifying plants as an essential element of well-being and health.

Air So Pure's new look includes a harmonious combination of bright colors, organic shapes, and sophisticated typography. The logo and logotype have thus been updated to a modern look, inviting people to discover the benefits of air-purifying plants.

The transformation of the corporate identity is not only visual but also conceptual. For example, Air So Pure has chosen to emphasize even more strongly the message of healthy air and well-being. The brand's updated communication tools will inspire and inform consumers about the many benefits of air-purifying plants. Among other things, Air So Pure mentions creating a healthy work environment, promoting a good night's sleep, and improving air quality in the home. In doing so, the association aims to make everyone aware of the positive impact of air-purifying plants on our daily lives.

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