John Blommestein, nieuw lid van Air So Pure, tussen de Livistona

10 November 2023

Spaargaren van Doorn B.V. joins Air So Pure as 14th member

Air So Pure introduced a new member and new product group during Trade Fair Aalsmeer: Spaargaren van Doorn has joined the growers' association Air So Pure with Livistona rotundifolia since November 1, 2023.

Spaargaren van Doorn B.V.

Spaargaren van Doorn, based in Nieuwveen, has an established reputation as a leading grower of the high-quality Livistona rotundifolia, also known as the Fan Palm. As the largest supplier of this highly air-purifying palm, with the entire supply chain under its control, Spaargaren is a great addition to Air So Pure.

Founded by Piet Spaargaren and Siebren van Doorn in 1984, Spaargaren van Doorn began as a nursery in Sri Lanka. In the 1990s, the company developed exclusive plant arrangements with natural materials, which proved to be a success. After working in the company for 30 and 14 years, John Blommesteijn and Ula Jarka took over on Jan. 1, 2022. John: "Air So Pure is a modern brand and fits into our sustainability story. In the current market, cooperation is becoming increasingly important; by joining Air So Pure we are taking another great step towards the future."

Sustainability is at the heart of this grower's business, with a focus on reusing manure and coco-dust and hand-turned pottery pots. In addition to the plants, Spaargaren van Doorn also presents its product line of ceramics and pottery. The company's strength? Direct imports from Sri Lanka, where the knowledge of the local population is fully utilized, and where numerous opportunities are offered to employees.

Assortment expansion

Air So Pure is pleased with the entry of Spaargaren van Doorn. With the Livistona, the wide assortment is further expanded. This plant, with its characteristic fan leaves and air-purifying qualities, now joins Air So Pure's line of air-purifying palms together with the Kentia and Areca. During the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, Air So Pure received many positive reactions to this latest addition to its range and membership.

Livinstona Rotundifolia

The Livistona Rotundifolia is also known as Fan Palm. This sturdy plant is native to northern Australia. There the palm grows under the shade of other trees and therefore does not tolerate direct sunlight. Now the palm is found in tropical countries such as Sri Lanka.

The Livistona likes a position half in the shade. The root ball must be well-moist. You can also spray the palm with a plant sprayer. Give the Livistona plant nutrition once a month.

Livistona Spaargaren van Doorn
Livistona Rotundifolia
Air So Pure

Since 2007, Air So Pure has been known as the brand for proven strong air-purifying plants of high quality. The association has 14 proud members and boasts an extensive collection of 17 product groups and over 170 items. With the brand promise of "A world of wellbeing" and a contemporary look, Air So Pure informs consumers about the positive effects of their plants, both physically for the indoor climate and mentally, with the motto being: feel more comfortable with plants around you.

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