Hedera Helix


A multi-talented plant that steals the show both standing and hanging. In a nice pot, a Hedera can grow downwards in a beautiful way. Hedera comes in different varieties, all of which can be pruned into the desired shape.

Hedera is a strong plant that likes a light location, preferably 10 to 25°C. Avoid direct sunlight for the best leaf colour.

Care is simple. In summer, water weekly and keep the pot ball moist. In winter, a splash of water fortnightly.

Lichte standplaats in 10-25°c maar vermijd direct zonlicht.
Houd de potkluit vochtig (in de zomer wekelijks een gietbeurt, in de winter tweewekelijks).
De Hedera Helix is giftig. Pas op met huisdieren.
Pot sizes: 8,5 cm, 13 cm, 19 cm

Plant height:

van 7 cm
tot 55 cm