Air So Pure Spathiphyllum

28 September 2023

Win at Nouveau: Air So Pure Spathiphyllum

Meet the elegant air purifier: the Spathiphyllum

Unique in its beauty and functionality, this is of course about the Air So Pure Spathiphyllum, also known as the Spoon Plant. With its beautiful deep green leaves and stunning white bracts, this plant is not only a visual treat but also a healthy friend for your space.

Healthy houseplant

The Spathiphyllum, part of our air-purifying Air So Pure collection, goes beyond its good looks. In fact, this plant contributes to cleaner air at home, in the office, at work or at school.

Harmful substances, originating for example from furniture, clothing and carpets, spoil the air we breathe. Scientific research confirms that certain plants not only produce oxygen but also absorb harmful substances. Our Air So Pure collection includes only plants with the strongest air-purifying properties.

Air So Pure Spathiphyllum, Plant of the Month December, in decorative pot

How it works

The cells of plants act as tiny chemical factories where substances are converted. Through microscopic holes in the leaves, called leaf stomata, Air So Pure plants take in harmful substances and break them down into nutrients. By inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen and water vapor, these plants provide improved indoor air.

Air So Pure plants are thus active in reducing CO2 in the air, returning oxygen and water vapor through the process of photosynthesis. The spoon plant, among others, also contributes to optimal humidity by emitting water vapor, which benefits the indoor environment.

Caring tips

To keep your Spathiphyllum beautiful as long as possible, place it in a moderately lighted to shaded spot. In any case, avoid direct sunlight, the Spathiphyllum does not like that very much. Keep the pot clod moist, give it a shower every now and then to rinse dust from the leaves, and cut away the old flower stem completely after flowering. Forgot to water once? No problem! The Spathiphyllum shows it by drooping its leaves. When you water it again, the leaves will quickly stand up again. Read on here for more care tips.

Winning Spathiphyllum

Together with Nouveau we give away 5 times a beautiful Spathiphyllum, each worth 20 euros (about 65-75 cm high).

How to participate. All you have to do is fill out this form and who knows, you might soon be enjoying the presence of the beautiful Spathiphyllum plant.


  • The action is only valid in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The action is valid from September 28 until October 19, 2023.

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